I am as old as a TREE

I am as old as a TREE

Friday, July 9, 2010

a more little bits from me

So yes it has been a crazy month so far. I started back to school on the 29th of June so I can tell thats when life got crazy again. I do not know why but its nice to be only taking 5 credits. HISTORY of the Pacific northwest. LOVE IT so far..

so lets see just some funny things that has happened.. Last Thursday as I am leaving the school, I am at a stop sign and it would be my turn to go and this wacked out young lady runs the stop sign and flips me off.. HELLO number one dont be rude number two... you flipped scott off not a good thing, and well Bertha is not a small car to turn around in the middle of the street fast. BUT she can. So I turned around and drove back into the parking lot where she is going up and down looking for a parking spot... do you see where this is going. I pulled big Bertha in from of a row and blocked her from getting out.. I got out of the car and said to the nice young lady.. would you like to say your sorry... well can you see where this went... move your car... get the ... and on and on and on.... LOL I just stood there and said either you can say your sorry or you can be later than you are... words can not say what she said to me... so I got in to my car and sat for a minute.. LOL what is she going to do. hit me.... she slamed her car into reverse and backed up... thinking this whole time I just made you later than you already were. LOL Yeah I know I dont know why I did it but it just made me mad.. she should never have flipped me off.

why did i post that... I have no clue maybe thats how boring my life is...

I spent Sunday at a bar b que with friends... I did not have to cook it was so nice but I missed not having a big thing at my house. the 4th was fun but still missing something... YEAH my single life. I was able to go to Ann's home to watch the fireworks.. and it was so nice. no rushing and no hassel.. very peaceful..

THe heat has been hot here in the great seattle area for the past few days. good thing I have my ac in the window at all times. might be a sign of me getting old..

Yesterday I went to get my hair cut.. I need to find a stylish that I like and is not $100 to get a cut... I paid $29 and still think that is to much. so yesterday as she was cutting my hair she said is talking and asking questions and I said Yes I color but have not colored for a few months and she turns to me and say is that to cover up your grey hair.... OH MY GOODNESS... I had to laugh. I said how old do you think I am... 28. everyone says that..

to cover that grey..... I will have to say I dont have any!!!!

you know I am at lost for words right now....

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Anonymous said...

You don't "get" gray hair...you "GIVE" it!!! Love, mom