I am as old as a TREE

I am as old as a TREE

Tuesday, March 1, 2011

What's going on....

That was funny... I will tell you I am sitting here just thinking about what to type and I was listening to the tv when ATT had this commerical on and the first thing he says is.. "What's going on." LOL I just typed the same thing.

so what is going on... I really have to tell you I have been on my knees alot in the past few weeks. I have been trying to find out "Who I am"! I have been praying that I could just make it. That I would not have to sell a kindey to make it by. That I would be able to keep the faith that I would have the words I needed when I had something to say and that someone would listen.

I have been praying for my friends and my family and my missionaries and my bishop and well all the people that are in my life. I have been praying that I could have understanding of the important things in life. I have been praying that the spirit would be with me and that those who needed me would be able to turn to me. I have been praying that family and friends and my love ones would be safe. I have been turning my thoughts to this world that we live in. Been praying for our leaders and for the world to be at peace.

I know this is a far reached goal but I have been trying to make scence of what is going on in my world.

What is the meaning and the purpose of life if we can not share what we know with those that we love. I have been very HAPPY.. VERY true. I am not on any drugs to make me HAPPY, I have just been so postive since I turned 40. YEAH I know... what have I been drinking. BESIDES the water that I have sucked down in the past few days.

I been studing more in the gospels. I am trying to be that better teacher. I really had to laugh when last week (3rd Sunday). I was so prepared to teach and we had Ward Conference and I did not have to teach. I quess this is where I learned a few more lessons in my life.

It is coming faster and faster that the School year is coming closer and closer to an end.. and I will be once again Family-less.

I know as odd as it sounds and for the few years they have been gone.. I have not had my Izzy and Theo in my life and I have been filling the gap but it is still hard for me to know that I have become so attacted to some more cute little one in my life and they will be leaving.

BUT with being said... I know that I have more to met and more to understand. But I have been trying to remember this to will pass.

but I have been blessed with some super super super super people.. WHICH I want them to know that they are prayed for each day and that I would do anything for each one of them.

I do wish sometimes I lived closer to family. BUT YES that is a big BUT... I am happy where I am with my life right now and where I am going.

It has been so fun that everytime I tell anyone that I am back in school, that they get excited for what I am doing and then when they say to me what are you going to do... and I say TEACH... I get OMG you would make a great teacher and why have you waited so long.

so here it is.. I am 40, trying to get a new life and learning as much as I can!

I went to a play tonight. and it show me something. It was super and I so enjoyed it and it was so funny that Magda, had bougth a friend with her and when she went to introduce me.. I knew her and a big hug was offered and we sat there talking as if we just saw each other yesterday.
and then to learn that was what the play was about. Friendship

FRIENDSHIP has always ment something to me. I have some wonderful friends. My best Friend for Life will always be JEN. She has been in my life for over 25 years. knowing everything that has every happened in my life. Jen has been there.

It was funny because right before I went to this musical tonight I was chatting with her and we always sign off with Love you and Love you too. it is funny because that was what that musical was all about.

I have had some wonderful friends that have come into my life and they leave but we still talk and we still share some wonderful thing. Ben and Becca have been a couple that I will always be thankful for. I just which Ben would have just left me as a church mouse but NOPE.. he had to make me into this big old RAT... LOL. Rat is a good one kinda of like Templeton in Charlotte's web.

Then we have one person... that taught me to have self-esteme and to have faith and to be who I am. That would have been MATT! I know that I have not always been there for him. But it is fun to see that no matter what happens.. he is always there and always has the kindest words to say.

Now As I was driving home for this musical tonight... I wished that they would have cut out some of the bad words. BUT I know that it's just life, and I understand. I was thinking... wow Scott you have come a long way and have done some wonderful things with your life.
You have been living the life that you have been given. You teach, you learn, you pray, you study and above all you love.

WHY do I do what I do? WHY am I the way that I am... WELL that came from two parents that taught me what they had to teach me. Mother leaving me way to early and DADDY... WELL as much as any young man and his father can love each other.. I loved him when he was with mother and the good time.

I have learned many lessons from both of them. I have no regrets of who my parents were and what they taught me. I am grateful however that I have 2 sets of parents. The ones that gave me life and the ones that taught me life.

Some people dont understand it.... But I will be grateful for Linda and Bob... for leaving me call them mom and dad and for all of the Davis Kids for leaving me be a big brother to each of them and to be uncle Scott. and for the love they offer me and the prayers that are offered to me by each of them.

I dont think people understand my life. I was placed here on this earth to teach and touch people. OH I will never be a great SAINT. Meaning a Mother Teresa or a Oprah or well you know what.... I am going to be Scott Leitch and I will be who I am.

I have had some really touching things happen to me. The Temple was one of them and I had a minute that I knew why I was there and what the purpose of life is.

Mom and I always say when we are in the temple we always have that minute and we always say this is what it is all about and worth it. As Sister Romish and I was sitting in the temple the other night. I turned to her as we were sitting a few rows from the back and I said... You know Ann... No matter what happens or what we do.. This is what Heaven is going to look like no matter what row you are sitting in!

I hope that I made sence in this post tonight... I have been all over the place but I think that I am learning who I am and where I am going.

I want you all to know that I do love you. I love you for who you are and what you have taught me. I love you for the lessons you give and for the fact that I learn and still learning from the words you say.

God Speed everyone.


Anonymous said...

Scott...you are a miracle worker...in the lives of so many...and...magically; in your own. I am so proud and peaceful...you are a gift!! Love, mom

dad said...

Sometimes it is a little hard to know exactly what you are saying, but not this time. And, by the way, I think you are going to end up in the front row.

Ben said...

This post really made us miss you more than ever, Scott. We are so glad you are as happy and as devoted to what's good in the world as you've always been. Keep up the good fight. By the way, I talked with Joyce (of all people) on the phone the other day. Naturally, she asked about you, wanting to make sure you're doing well.

Jennifer said...

and this is why I love you, you crazy nut :-)