I am as old as a TREE

I am as old as a TREE

Monday, March 21, 2011

WHAT I did

OK first off.. Thank you for all the support that I have recieved from My Elder's Quorum President.
Yesterday I had to teach on the word of wisdom. and well this is what I did.
I always teach in the GYM. larger I sit everyone in a circle so there is not a row where people can sleep.
Well I most of the time have a large table in the middle with something on it.
Yesterday IT was a few bottles of wine, beer, sodas coffee, Chocolate drugs, (prescription) and you get the visial here.

So I also had an empty glass and a bottle of FRE. Which is an Alcohol Free (Removed) wine.

I opened it up and Drank it in a wine glass.

I ruffled the feathers of that old mother HEN.

Ok I just want to clear something up here first. Fre has 0.05% per volume of Alcohol.
and Did you know Vanilla Pure Vanilla is 35% Alcohol. I also had that on the table.
And 10% Alochol or 20 Proof is in NyQuil. Just some facts.

so I always have cookies (CHOCOLATE CHIP) and this sunday I pass around Coke, Diet Coke and Spirit.

OK my point was to be made that NOT everything was appearance of evil. OK I did not do a good enough job.

Someone made comment that they were uncomfortable with what I was doing.
Some SISTER reported me to the Bishop
Some Brothern came up to me after the lesson and SAID WOW WOW WOW and said it was awesome.
Some Brother called me and told me I should be ashamed of HOW I taught the lesson and that I should be ashame of myself for owning all of this. and well you know...

When it comes right down to it. I pushed the limit, I am sorry that I caused Hate and discontent, and I will learn from this.

I did Ask to be released but I got a very warm letter back from my President saying you leave I leave. LOL (He will be my Bishop someday soon.)

I learned a lesson here that kept me up most of the night last night.
1st off you should learn from the spirt what you should teach and how you teach.
2nd AVIOD the appearance of Evil
3rd You never know who is watching you and wont get the whole story or all of the facts and REPORT you for unjust caused..
4th BE the example that Christ wants you to be!

Thank you for the many texts from my family that read this and said WHAT in the heck did you do and finally.. I have to give you a story I was going to use.

J.Golden Kimball:
The Prophet once asked Golden to take the new Deseret Sunday School President up the the Brigham City Conference. "His name is David O. McKay. he just got back from the Scottish mission." Golden agreed to escort the nice young fellow.
It was winter, they traveled all day and night by sled in the bitter cold. Finally, they arrived with an hour to spare before the meeting.
Golden thought he was going to die. He reasoned he needed a coffee-bad. So he innocently suggested they go over to the Idle Isle Restaurant for breakfast.
The aroma of hot coffee filled the little diner. WHen the waitress aksed the two gentlemen what they'd like, Brother McKay said, "some ham and eggs and two cups of hot choclate, please."
Golden excused himself and found the waitress who had taken their order. "would you mind putting a little coffee in my hot choclate, please" he asked. She said that would be OK they did it all the time up there.
the waitress came by a minute later with two steaming mugs and said, "Now which one of you wanted coffee in your Hot chocolate?"
Caught, Golden said, "Ah heck, put it in both of them." Brother McKay Laught uncontollably.


dad said...

Scott, you are never boring. I am sorry I wasn't there to see all of that.

Anonymous said...

Boring...Scott...never!!! Love, mom