I am as old as a TREE

I am as old as a TREE

Monday, November 1, 2010

funny what you can feel and say

so wednesday night at class i was faced with the question... what are you feeling? yeah I wrote what I was feeling and it came out and well thanks for all the concerns. LOVE the fact that I have family that loves and cares for me and always makes me laugh! I love you guys!

October was here and left really fast.
I was all over the place this last week.. I think it was the fact that I worked in my old shop for the week and found out I really did not want it back and said the spirit of the store is gone.. YEAH I am gone and I have moved on. I still have wonderful friends there but I do not belong there anymore.

It was fun to see all the old customers that I loved come around the corner and look in and see me in the floral department and their eyes got big and tears started! It was awesome. I loved that part of it. But i know I am to be in school and this is the plan right now.

Sunday was so much fun... I spent most of the day cooking... what else is there for me to do on a Sunday. We did a halloween themed meal. everything had to deal with Halloween and I was not talking candy. We had such a fun turn out. From ghost dogs to bloody hand punch. it was cool. you can be so creative when you put your mind to it. I love the fact that people can think outside the box. simple things such as pumpkin cut out flour tortilas with spices on them YUMMY... and I have to laugh that SQUASH is becoming my families favorite thing. LOL they love it. this week we did a squash called the "Sweet Mama" I baked it in the oven with nutmeg and butter that was it and it was eatten up so fast love the fact that something we hated as a kid is now the number one food when we get older.... not to mention how good it is for you.

I love my families that come over.. I see something mom and dad have... its the fact that our family gets together and can have such a wonderful evening. I have some wonderful families. I am so glad they can turn to me when they need to or me to them. they bless my life with out words.

Anyway I am loosing my train of thoughts so I will go for now.....


dad said...

You get it Scott! Your insights were awesome in this post. Keep up the good work.

Anonymous said...

Oh that you would "come over" here for a visit!!! Love, mom