I am as old as a TREE

I am as old as a TREE

Monday, November 8, 2010

Funk and breakdown 103/104

YES I am still in the funk and I think it might have a lot to do with the stress in my life right now.. I had a breakdown this morning and it wasn't a pleasant sight. I just have to find out what and where and why and who and all those questions you need to ask yourself. WHY ME.. and then I have to turn that around and say WHY NOT ME!

103.5 happened before class tonight and I had to just leave and splash cold water in my eyes.. the worst part about that is the darn auto sinks that turn on when you walk up to them its warm water.. LOL come on I think I still like to control my own water... and then break down 104 happened after class... I am such a mornon sometimes.. I just broke a little and that did not help me any..

i did talk a few things out.... which I am trying to still do.. that is why this blog is coming up. i see it a little clearer now but I am still needing to work on some of these issues. YES Scott has issues.

funny how I just loose myself in some things and others I just cant deal with.

And then to think I lost my mind I had made 6 pies yesterday. 3 pumpkin and 3 chocolate french silk.
I put the chocolate ones in the frig out in the shead and we ate one of the pumpkin ones and I took one of the pumpkin ones down to the neighbors. (Hey I need the garden rotilled next spring have to keep them on the good side).

Well I went out to the shead to get the pie this afternoon to finish them off with cream.. and there was only two of them out there.. my first thought was those missionaries... to find out it ended up that Ted and Sheby took one which I told them they could. I just flaked it. Tonight they were recieved well at class... who would not like my pie... oh wait.. someone that cant taste a paper bag from last years chili cookoff.. LOL...

Dan made comment that Susan was mad at him because he did not bring her some home so I made sure she had some... so I got a very nice thank you from DAN...

WHY do I do what I do......?????

It's the Life of Scott... so glad your on this ride with me.!!!!

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Anonymous said...

I don't mind bein' on the ride...BUT...WHERE IS MY PIE!!!???
Love, mom