I am as old as a TREE

I am as old as a TREE

Monday, April 27, 2009


So, for many it has come to my attention that Dinner is to be a simple thing!


For me its the enjoyment. Really I enjoy cooking and enjoy feeding people. For many you might not know that my Father would cook a large meal every sunday morning for breakfast. There was a number of people that would come to the garage every Sunday morning for breakfast and of course beer. You had to have your sunday morning beer.

So for me Sunday Dinners are important when I am cooking for a large group of people. Saturday at work I noticed they had my favorite steaks on sale. FLANT Steaks..

I love these thing when they run them thought the tenderier.

So I always make a marinade them over night.
so I make this marinade of Orange Juice, Yoshida's Sauce, Seseme oil, and garlic.

I bar b-que them at a low temp and you get the best steaks ever!

SO last night I invited over the missionaries.. which they always eat so I am always perpared with enough food. The Flores, which I am so sad they are moving already just after getting to know them and Christian and Robin. and Peter and Jen, which are my neighbors.. They are waiting for there new baby to arrive.. and it took me a little to get them to come over.

(Mother.. do you know Christian he was in the state college ward)

Anyway there was lots of food and a nice even of talking and visiting.

So Just hope you get an invite because food is always in plenty...

there was even leftovers for ben and becca!


The Shavers said...

Oooh scott, that sounds yummy! And it sounds like a blast too!

Abby said...

Stop teasing me with the thought of dinner at your house since I live so dang far away! It sounds like a ton of fun, Scott. Those people should count themselves lucky.

Jen said...

I had people over and cooked for them last night too!! Must have been the night for it :-)

Anonymous said...

...and bless you for not serving the beer!!! Love, mom

Anonymous said...

I agree with Abby. Stop going on about food and what a good cook you are until you come over to CDA and do some cooking. You act like it is a long trip or something. Get with the program.

Anonymous said...

that sounds very good indeed i hope i see you this summer for matt and kamis wedding truly i hope. Love, best man tim davis