I am as old as a TREE

I am as old as a TREE

Wednesday, April 22, 2009

I'm in a mood

Yeah what else is new.... I am really in one of those moods that watch out people...

I need a vacation..... This is the week I always go on vacation because I need the break.... from work and its also Kira's birthday week so I think deep down inside me I am missing the time I spend with Kira this week.

So last night I went to the 5th Ave Theather. I must say it was awesome.. Really it was just outstanding for me.. It was Sunday in the Park with George.

There is a famous painting that the story is based off George Seurat. and the play was based off of this painting... I now have a new love.. his work.. here is a little bio on him.

George Seurat was born on December 2, 1859 in Paris. His father was a native to Champagne, and his mother was a Parisian. He lived at 100 Boulevard Magenta with his parents, a brother, Emile, and a sister, Marie-Berthe.
In 1875 Seurat took drawing lessons under the sculptor Justin Lequien. Seurat also took lessons from an artist named
Ingres. Ingres didn't paint like Seurat did. But he was the praised student of Jacques-Louis David. Ingres was know for his meticulous working procedure in his works.
Seurat spent his life studying color theories and the effects of different linear structures. He developed the style of painting known as Pointillism. He had 500 works of
art of his own and he was proclaimed to be a master. But it isn't just the number of his works that make him an expert. His magnificent pointillist pieces in make him the famous artist that he is today.
Some of his most famous paintings include:
-Bathing at Asnieres
Sunday Afternoon on the Island of La Grande Jatte
Le Chahut [The link to the left provides background information on Le Chahut, for larger image of the painting click here.]
Eden Concert
Seurat was not just interested in the way that the colors were put onto the painting or the painting itself. He was mostly concentrating on the science in the picture and the optical mixing of the colors. Before actually painting the picture, he would sketch out parts of his artwork so that the models would not have to wait forever while he found the exact color.
Seurat had many people who really didn't like the new work that he was introducing. They may have thought it as "fuzzy" or "messy". In their opinion it really wasn't very good at all. But there were some artists who really felt that what he was doing was very artistic and complicated.
Paul Signac, a fellow artist, was one of those people. He praised Seurat very much. In one of his journal entries he says of Seurat: "He surveyed the scene and has made these very important contributions: his black and white, his harmony of lines, his composition, his contrast and harmony of colour, even his frames. What more can you ask of a painter?"
Signac also commented on the importance of color purity in a pointillist piece: "I attach more and more importance to the purity of the brushstroke - I try to give it maximum purity and intensity. Any defiling sleight of hand or smearing disgusts me. When one can paint with jewels, why use [manure]? Each time that my brushstroke happens to come up against another, not yet dry, and this mixture produces a dirty tone, I feel great physical disgust! It is this passion for beautiful colours which make us paint as we do...and not the love of the 'dot', as foolish people say." Signac states here that the pointillist artists were not physically into their paintings for the "dot" as most people would think. But for the phenomenal optical mixing of the colors themselves.
Seurat invented a way to show colors as they really are. Not mixed or dulled or anything else. He invented art in which you are allowed to keep the purity of the colors as they come from the tube, and yet still paint and use an abundance of tones to bring life to your painting. We all have him to thank for that. So whether you like the "fuzziness" of pointillist paintings or not, note the concentration that a pointillist artist would have to have to create a piece that would have to be pleasing to the eye as well as scientifically stimulating.

anyway it was just wonderful to enjoy the story line and music.

then since I am on the topic here is a few more things if you have time..


I got hooked on the biggest loser... I know I am so fat and need to watch it but it has moved me. Well they voted my favorite person off and I just found this on line and I am so excited for her.

Next.. I know some of you watch Idol.. (ADAM is not going to win it) (Love you mom) and I know how simon sometimes is just so hard on people.. well sometimes I feel like simon. LOL I can be hard on people and myself... anyway here is another 7 minutes to watch..


i think it is the song... I love les mes and I feel like sometimes I have a dream worth living as well.

So yes I am in one of those moods its either crying or laughing... count your blessing you are just reading this and not near me.

love ya



Brousseau Family said...

Okay - do we even need to address the "I am so fat" comment? I think not. And second - I'm not sure - Adam just might win it. Although he does seem VERY sure of himself. . .

Candy Javier said...

Scott I love your posts! You alwasy make me smile... and you fat? Seriously?

Candy Javier said...

...of coarse I meant always, not alwasy! LOL!

Anonymous said...

YOU'RE NOT FAT, SCOTT!! End of discussion!!! Love, Tim/Uncle Tim

Anonymous said...

People used to gather in the village square and unite over the weather, events, and sunsets. Now we gather all over the world and unite over art, sports and reality shows!! How times have changed...or not!! Love, mom/gma

Anonymous said...

From being in a mood, to painting with dots to Biggest Loser/Idol to whose fat? Scott, you may have a future in stream of consciousness writing. Dad

Hansen Family said...

Soctt, hi it is Sister Scoffield now Katie hansen, it has been so long. I hope this finds you well. I don't know if you hve heard but Angela Liljenquist passed away on sat April 24th due to cancer. It was her who gave me you blog information a while ago. She will be buried here in Salt Lake this Saturday. Such sad news. Anyways glad to see you here. My family and I are living in Draper Utah and doing well. Miss Seattle a lot. If you have any questions you may call me 801-553-9232. I hope you check your messages and recieve this.
Katie Scoffield Hansen

Hansen Family said...

sorry scott my number is 801-552-9231!

Hansen Family said...

my goodness I did it again. I can not type, this is the correct phone #801-553-9231