I am as old as a TREE

I am as old as a TREE

Wednesday, October 7, 2009


So I want to say a few thing about MY family... I am so glad that I was born into a family that is just a little off. Off the beaten path that some people never take but alot do take.

On Tuesday I had a cousin that died. Katie Peese. Katherine Peese. I always called her KATIE and I think I was the only one she would leave me call her Katie. She just droped dead . I will post more later on this but for now... this is what is so sad...

Katie was Aunt Carries daughter from a prior marriage to my mother's brother Uncle Henry.

so a step cousin. and I know that sometime mixed marriages dont work. and family members get all bent out of shape. so here you have this family and neighbors all in the same little valley.

And they could not get along or something someone fighting with someone and well it just SUCKS.

AS Brenda and I were talking and she said "your the only family I have" Why is it that this family of NEESE'S could not get along. why is it that the word FAMILY did not mean something to them. Yeah Katie was much older than I was but I just thought she was one of the neatest cousins I had. and Well with the Neese family I have the cousins.

Its a shame I do not know who they all are? and its a shame that people just cant get along. REALLY when you look at the big picture.... WE ARE ALL FAMILY and the next life we better be prepared because we are all going to be together again.

so with this all being said... THANK YOU DAVIS family..... for showing me what a FAMILY is!


Jen said...

You are my only brother in this life & I cannot imagine it without you! Soooo many definitions of Family! :-)


Love you

Abby said...

Well, Thank You! Scott, for being such a great brother to all of us Davis family. Sorry that your Cousin died. Love you to pieces.

Anonymous said...

If I was your cousin I would just be there for you all of the time. But wait, I am your brother and I AM there for you all the time! Love, Tim

Anonymous said...

Jen, you are so right...many, many definitions of family with the connectors of being loving, patient, accepting and encouraging!! Love, mom

dad said...

It all works out in the end, Scott, I promise. I know cause I have read ahead. Also, glad to have you as one of the gang.