I am as old as a TREE

I am as old as a TREE

Wednesday, October 7, 2009

Big Bertha

SO yes after today she has a big name. I had her washed and detailed today and her white walls are awesome.

She is all clean and shining and ready for almost anything...
So this morning when I was heading to work. I noticed in front of me that the cars were coming to a stop fast. so I quickly slowed down well the person in back of me DID not slow down as fast as I did and he hit me. Lucky for me NO damnage done. NONE!!! Yes I was freaked out. As I was trying to get to a pull off spot.
I texted mother and of course she could not call me at 6am this morning to say... "I had a dream last night you were in an accident with your car"... Thanks mom.. you would call me any other time in the morning to wake my butt out of bed but this morning NO... so when I pulled over and got off the 520 and noticed everything was fine... I said Oh Bertha your such a good car.. and thats how she got the name BIG BERTHA!
I am having so much fun. This has been a true blessing in my life THank you Liz and Albert.
Yesterday after getting it in my name and the immisson test, as I was at a stop light some body was looking at me like what the heck and I reved the engine it was so funny!


The Shavers said...

That's the perfect name for her! We are so glad you like it!

Anonymous said...

You have to HEAR Big Bertha to understand the throaty growl of the revving!! Scott...I used to have to use brillo pads on my dad's Chrysler New Yorker if I dared rub them on the curb. Then he got curb-feelers for me which look like atennas sticking out sideways by the wheels...maybe you need some of those to keep white WHITE!! Love, mom

Anonymous said...

I would rev my motor, too, Scott; if I could drive! Love, Tim

dad said...

You're awesome, Scott. I wish I could see you driving down the road in that car. What a picture that would be!