I am as old as a TREE

I am as old as a TREE

Monday, August 17, 2009

Filling the GAP!

So first off I called the Crosby family today to say hi and to find out how they are... and of course NO ANSWER!!! I am telling you.... That family really dose not want to talk to me... It's ok I hung up and almost cried! YES I mean really I dont think I have any clue what they really ment.. SORRY but I miss them!

anyway moving on.. I have to say Mom's (Linda Davis) mother's birthday was today and I sent flowers to her... What a hoot.. she is just such a neat lady. We talked for about 30 minutes.

I have to say I am so tired right now that its not funny... I tired to lay down and well the phone rang... and has not stopped...

Yesterday I was very brief on what happened to my lesson so here it is again..

I started with a song... "give said the little stream"
asked the number on question...
"In What ways has your life been touched by the kindness of others?"

So that got people talking for about 10 minutes of something someone has done for them.

I then did a brief History of the church and the life of Joseph

Asked a few more questions and then talked about service and a few other things.
Showed my video clip
asked a few more questions and then

Did my demo "Object Lesson" on the bread.

I sliced one slice and gave it to a brothern. Said How can you make that piece of bread feed your family...
Sliced a loaf in half asked another question...

Finially said.. what if I gave you a full loaf to give to your families..

went on to tell them that I made a 100 loaves of bread.

VERY powerful message here... I told them that the bread was not to be used for personal use that they were to give it to there families they home teach...

In return everyone should get a loaf of bread if home teachers came to visit this week.

So we will see what happens.
I ended my lesson and we said a prayer and ATE
YEAH bread and of course Homemade Salsa.

I got alot of WOW what a wonderful lesson... one brothern asked if he could pay for some of the ingredients.. I did say thank you but NO its for CHARITY...

SO over all I do feel that the lesson did go over well I will be so happy to see who gets bread and who returns a loaf of bread to me....

Thanks for all the support that everyone gave me. It was awesome to know that I can teach and I can teach by the spirit....

I just can not teach like this every month.. This one is going to be hard to TOP!


Jen said...

Gotta say... very cool my dear.. very cool.

Love you!

Abby said...

Wow Scott! That sounds like it was an AWESOME lesson! Great job! If that can't get everyone motivated to go home teaching I don't know what would.

My experience tells me that even people who don't do their home teaching, really want to go but don't know how to "break the ice" you gave everyone a great reason to go. After the initial visit it's harder to not go see your families because now you know and care about them. Great job! I've gotta figure out a way to copy the idea, but I can't bake...maybe I'll make chicken to give everyone! LOL Somehow not the same thing! LOL! Love you brotha and thanks for that great lesson of love!


Anonymous said...

We miss you too, Scott (a lot). Sorry that we STILL never answer our phone. The situation is worse now, because we are still burried in boxes, and half the time we don't know where the phone is. Plus (drum roll), Becca is pregnant. You're the first non-blood-relative I am telling. She is desperately sick right now (her first tri-mesters are always awful). She can barely get out of bed. So we are a bit overwhelmed. No doubt you would be right on our doorstep helping if you could. At any rate, facebook is still the best way to communicate with me probably.

I'll keep you posted on all of the news as it comes, but it will of course come slowly. Pregnancies and settling in to a new town are long and tedious processes.


Awesome lesson idea. Let me know if you get your bread from your hometeacher!!


Anonymous said...

I wonder...did you get a loaf back?? If not, like Moses, have patience...they are learning...Love, mom & Tim