I am as old as a TREE

I am as old as a TREE

Sunday, November 2, 2008

I found it... I found it

For a Better life....


ok go to tv spots
scroll down until you see the tv spots and the one that says "Specail Events"

this is the one that I was talking about, in a few blogs ago.... If you have to time watch most of them they are so great!

If they are not church commericals I dont know what they are!

Ok but if your like me you might want to get your tissues out now because You will need them.
So I am here sitting watching them, crying my eyes out...

"Thanks MOM" for laughing and crying with me for a minute.
Mom saw another one of the comericals that is on the same web site..

Katie I was telling mom of the commerical is of this little boy and I was think of your boys..
It's called "the Greastest" also a must watch one... Just WATCH it...

anyway I dont know who or what or why someone has created this web site but it is a must see.
there are many many many great "VALUES" and Lessons Taught... I was thinking HOW can I use this in teaching Church lessons... I need to learn to down load..

But then as I watched each one of these tv clips.... oh which takes about 45 minutes..
I need to improve my life and become a better person...

BEAR with me people it might be a rocky road... seeing i have to loose 10 pounds as well as a bad *@## attitute!

Oh the post I was talking about was back in August "Movies"

Love you all


Brousseau Family said...

10 pounds? Where? Where could it possibly come off from? You make me laugh Scott. . .

Anonymous said...

...hmmmmm...maybe between the ears??!! Just kiddin', Scott! I'm going to take the time to watch each one and then try and figure out how to use them in a classroom...any ideas?? Love, mom

Anonymous said...

...kinda funny...Love, Tim